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I Rely and Trust Himalya 2 Home like my Family. All my Lentils, Beans, Honey, Rice, Flour, Essential oils and Spices are from them. Complete Absolute trust in the Quality, Source and the People behind H2H ....My Health is in their Hands ...  Trust Faith and Love ☸️🕉️-- 

Dhruv Jolly

 have been one of the oldest customers of H2H products and I just love them. They remind me of my hometown in Uttarakhand, help me to get those authentic pahadi products far far away and also enable me to do my bit in empowering rural women from the hills. The products are world class, competitively priced and get shipped the moment I order them.The team is exceptional in customer service and their founder is an inspiring young woman who is doing amazing work in the Himalayan region. 

Dwarika Uniyal

Being a regular customer of H2H, I can vouch for their quality. All my family members like their products. I have been watching the continuous efforts by H2H Team, hats off to you guys for providing genuine, natural, organic products at our door step. Keep it up, wishing you good luck.

Mamta Sharma

H2H is about bringing Goodness of Himalaya to your home & our tagline is

'Eat Right - Live Well - Be Well

Started by a me, our vision is to become a leading and competitive marketplace of Himalayan products, connecting farmers & artisans from the remotest corner of Himalayan Regions Across States to Urban Consumers

Mission is to form direct partnerships with rural communities  and use E-commerce to sell authentic products