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Organic Brown Sugar - 1kg
Organic Brown Sugar - 1kg Rs. 153.00
Sugar comes in two forms, known as brown sugar and white sugar. Brown sugar is prepared from the juice of sugarcane. Brown sugar is very popular around the world because of its health benefits. The small amount of molasses present in brown sugar provides the sugar its flavor and color. Below you will find the top health benefits of brown sugar Health benefits of H2H Brown Sugar  1. Completely Free of ChemicalsUnlike white sugar, brown sugar is totally free of chemicals because its manufacturing does not need the molasses which are essential in the manufacturing of white sugar. Brown sugar is prepared from the juice of sugarcane and it contains only a small amount of molasses, which offers the brown sugar its color and flavor. 2. Has Important Minerals For The BodyMinerals found in brown sugar are from the molasses added to the sugar, molasses is a good source of important minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, one teaspoon of brown sugar with your tea everyday gives you 20% of your daily requirements of iron and Calcium, indeed molasses is actually used to prevent or treat anemia during pregnancy. 3. Eases Menstrual CrampsPotassium found in molasses which is mixed with the sugar to make brown sugar helps in relaxing the muscles including the Uterine muscle and eases contractions that occur during the menstruation that causes cramps, you can take it in its natural form or mix it with some ginger tea for a boosted benefit, however be aware of the calories you are consuming. 4. Used for skin CareBesides providing flavor to dishes, brown sugar is extremely beneficial for skin care. It is an important ingredient in a number of skin care products. It helps in softening the skin and it also helps in removing the dirt and dead skin cells. 5. Help in Preventing ObesityBrown sugar is considered to be extremely beneficial for your health as it helps in preventing obesity because it contains fewer calories as compared to white sugar. 6. Natural Energy BoostJust like white sugar, brown sugar will provide you with a natural energy boost for a short period of time, giving your temporary strength and helping you to wake up when you feel weak. However, since it has little or no nutrients, white or brown sugar can only provide you with energy for a short period of time. After which you are left wanting more. This effect is caused by the lowering levels of the hormone serotonin. 7. Help in Improving DigestionBrown sugar is considered to be extremely beneficial for your digestive system as it helps in improving digestive system health. Drinking water boiled with slices of ginger and some brown sugar is extremely helpful for treating constipation. 8. Beneficial for Pregnant WomenBrown sugar is considered to be very good for women to recover fast after delivery. It takes a lot of time for women to recover after delivery, but, consuming brown sugar helps in reducing faster. 9. Help in the Treatment of Uterine ContractionsSince ancient times, brown sugar has been considered to be very beneficial for women suffering from uterine contractions as consuming brown sugar is considered to be a very effective medicine for treating painful uterine contractions.10. Provides Relief from ColdSince long time brown sugar has been used as an effective remedy for treating cold. Just boil some water by adding a few slices of ginger and some brown sugar to it and consume it for instant relief from the cold. 11. Provide Protection to the SkinBesides giving a glow to your skin, brown sugar is also extremely beneficial in hydrating and moisturizing your skin and reducing any swelling present on your skin. It also helps in regenerating the skin cells and making your skin lively. It also protects the skin cells from damage. 12. Natural Gas Remedy for InfantsNot everyone is going to suggest this but if you add a small baby spoonful (about a half a teaspoon) to a bottle filled with water and give it to your baby, it will provide them with the same effects as Mylicon drops or other types of gas relief products. It is a natural remedy for colicky babies and can help to soothe their tummies which may help them sleep more throughout the night. It has also been known to help with constipation, though the extra water may be the biggest benefit there. 13. Can Prevent AsthmaThe benefits of brown sugar first are to prevent asthma. For people with asthma are recommended to replace white sugar with brown sugar. This is caused to have anti-allergic properties. At the time of waking body condition, asthma can be overcome and are not easy to relapse.
Organic Gur (Jaggery) - 1 Kg
Organic Gur (Jaggery) - 1 Kg Rs. 190.00
H2H Organic Gur- made from organic sugarcane (grown without any fertilizer and pesticides)- no chemicals/ additives used during manufacture of Gur (Jaggery). Weight : 1KG Source : Uttarakhand
Organic Shakkar - 1 KG
Organic Shakkar - 1 KG Rs. 180.00
A fine quality Gur Shakkar produced under organic standards, without chemical additives from organic certified cane. Panela or Gur Shakkar is a highly nutritious, tasty and healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It has high levels of iron, calcium and minerals and enhances the taste of tea, coffee and other beverages. Source : Doon Valley Weight : 1 kg
Organic Unrefined white Sugar - 1kg
Organic Unrefined white Sugar - 1kg Rs. 145.00
H2H Raw Sugar is unrefined sugar. Organic sugarcane sugar has the full-bodied taste of sugarcane and is much less processed, retaining a lot of the nutrients present in sugarcane juice.
Stevia 50 gms
Stevia 50 gms Rs. 180.00
Stevia is a small perennial herb belonging to the Asteraceae family, in the genus Stevia. Its scientific name is Stevia rebaudiana. Some commonly referred names are honey leaf plant, sweet chrysanthemum, sweetleaf stevia, sugarleaf, etc. Stevia plant grows 2-4 feet in height with slender, branched stems, and flourishes well all over the temperate, and some parts of tropical regions.  stevia plant leaves can be used directly in drinks as a sweetener.  Remember to use dried stevia sugar in small proportions, as it is nearly 30 times sweeter than cane sugar. Roughly, one teaspoonful of dried leaves powder is equivalent to one cup of sugar; therefore, use it in small quantities adjusting the amount to achieve your desired levels of sweetness. Health benefits of stevia Stevia herb parts are very low in calories. Parts by parts, its dry leaves possess roughly 40 times more sweetness than sugar. This sweetness quality in stevia is due to several glycoside compounds including stevioside, steviolbioside, rebaudiosides A-E, and dulcoside. Stevioside is a non-carbohydrate glycoside compound. Hence, it lacks the properties that sucrose and other carbohydrates possess. Stevia extracts, like rebaudioside-A, are found to be 300 times sweeter than sugar. Besides, being a near-zero calorie food ingredient, stevia extracts have several unique properties such as long shelf life, high-temperature tolerance, non-fermentative. Chlorgenic acid reduces the enzymatic conversion of glycogen to glucose in addition to decreasing absorption of glucose in the gut. Thus, it helps reduce blood sugar levels. Lab studies also confirm a reduction in blood glucose levels and an increase in the liver concentrations of glucose-6-phosphate, and of glycogen. Certain glycosides in stevia extract have been found to dilate blood vessels, increase sodium excretion, and urine output. In effect, stevia, at slightly higher doses than as sweetener, can help lower blood pressure. Being a non-carbohydrate sweetener, stevia would not favor the growth of Streptococcus mutans bacteria in the mouth which is attributed to be a causative agent of dental caries and tooth cavities. On the other hand, certain compounds in stevia rather found to inhibit caries-causing bacteria in the mouth. Further, being a herb, stevia contains many vitals minerals, vitamins that are selectively absent in the artificial sweeteners.