Born out of love for the Himalaya and passion to share its goodness, the venture ‘Himalaya2Home’ (H2H) promises to bring to your doorsteps everything that the majestic Himalaya region has to offer.

Every H2H product comes with these seven promises / assurances:
1. We have direct partnerships with our producers to offer pure and natural products for your kitchen and home needs.
2. Our products are grown / processed / packaged in an ethical and sustainable manner without use of any chemicals / pesticides.
3. We value role of our producers / other stakeholders and, therefore, will do our best to compensate them fairly and equitably so as to ensure both their economic well being and continuing interest in the farming / producing.
4. Using H2H products is like creating the ‘Eat Right - Live Well - Be Well’ bond with self and family; and, we will facilitate you forever in that bonding mission.
5. This project is out of our love and care for the Himalaya, especially to preserve and nourish the Himalayan diversity in a sustainable manner.
6.  We are committed to using the power of commerce to strengthen the Himalayan communities and empower our people.
7.  We will deliver what we promise / claim.