"Kafal" (State fruit of Uttarakhand)

"Kafal Pako Chaita," a famous line from a song in Uttarakhand, celebrates the "Kafal" as the beloved summer fruit of the hill people. These small, dark red berries possess a delightful combination of sweetness, tanginess, and juiciness, earning them the names "bayberry" or "berry box."

While summer is often associated with mangoes, for the people of the mountains, it is synonymous with "Kafal." Remarkably, this wild fruit is not cultivated but can be found abundantly in every hill station of Uttarakhand, where it is sold by many vendors.

"Kafal" is truly a boon for the hill dwellers, offering not only its numerous health benefits but also serving as a source of income for many. Let's explore the health benefits of this Pahadi summer fruit, "Kafal":

Abundant in antioxidants.
Exhibits anti-asthmatic properties.
Suitable fruit for diabetic patients.
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