Sainji "The corn village of India"


India is a diverse country. You will find a surprising place at every other step in India and corn village is one of the most astonishing places in India.
'The corn village' Sainji, is 5 km away from the famous "Kempty fall" of Mussoorie, of Jaunsar block in Tehri Garhwal district. They are called "Jaunsari" and love promoting 'Jaunsar culture' and the title 'corn village'. It is a tourist attraction as well.

When you step into the village you will see the main gate as the entrance of the village giving you a feeling of arrival. Every house in the village is adorned with 'corn cobs'.

The purpose of hanging out the corn is to dry them and use them as seeds for the next year. The corns are hung in quite an aesthetic manner which plays a dual role of providing seeds and enhancing the decor of homes. The foyer, the balconies, windows, and doors all are covered with golden crops from their fields. Most of the houses are wooden, having small doors that look beautiful. A small canal of water runs through the middle of the village which is used for irrigation.
One of the most developed villages in India, Around 40 to 50 families live in the village and keep their village very neat and clean, promoting their jaunsari culture and treating the guests with high values making the village even more amazing.

Unity, culture, dance, traditional dresses, and the high values of the people of the village make the village more beautiful.
Group jaunsari dances 'Tandi' and 'dhol damau' during festivals and marriages are a view to watch. Their culture of doing two or three marriages on the same day in a family and celebrating Diwali after one month is quite different and attractive.

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