Bay leaves - Tej Patta

Bay leaves -  Tej Patta

Bay leaves, also known as tej patta, are aromatic leaves derived from the laurel tree. They have been utilized for generations due to their medicinal and flavor-enhancing properties, which contribute to both the taste and nutritional value of food.

It is important to recognize the remarkable health benefits of bay leaves. By ordering them from, you can embrace a healthy lifestyle with H2H. Here are some of the *health benefits associated with bay leaves:*

. Improves digestion.
. Treats respiratory system ailments.
. Maintains a healthy heart.
. Possesses anti-cancer properties.
. Reduces anxiety.
. Helps manage diabetes.
. Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.
While bay leaves are commonly used as a key ingredient in cooking, many individuals are unaware of their numerous health benefits. Beyond culinary applications, bay leaves are also burned in Indian homes as a form of aromatherapy or for cleansing purposes—an ancient spiritual ritual known as Burning sage. This practice offers several advantages:

. Helps dispel negative energy.
. Cleanses or empowers specific objects.
. Soothes stress.
. Improves mood.
. Enhances the quality of sleep.
. Creates an uplifting fragrance.
. Helps boost cognition.
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*GI (Geographical Indication)* -
Bay leaves, also known as Tejpata, hold significant recognition and admiration worldwide for their exceptional flavor and medicinal benefits. These leaves, derived from the Cinnamomum Tamala plant, have become the first product from the state of Uttarakhand to receive a Geographical Indication (GI) tag. The GI tag serves as an indicator for products that possess specific geographical origin, quality, or reputation.

Tejpata is primarily cultivated in the hill districts of Uttarakhand, thriving at altitudes ranging from 1000 to 2000 meters in shaded areas. The unique microclimatic conditions and soil composition of these regions contribute to the distinct aroma and flavor profiles of these bay leaves. This geographical specificity is what makes them eligible for the coveted GI tag.

The cultivation of Tejpata plays a pivotal role in the livelihoods of over 10,000 farmers in Uttarakhand. These farmers directly depend on the production and trade of Tejpata for their sustenance. By engaging in Tejpata cultivation, they not only preserve traditional agricultural practices but also contribute to the socioeconomic development of the region.

The GI tag awarded to Tejpata showcases its exceptional quality and authentic origin, reinforcing its position as a valuable and cherished agricultural product. Consumers and businesses worldwide can now identify and appreciate the unique attributes and benefits associated with Tejpata from Uttarakhand.