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Organic Wheat Flour from Watermill

Organic Wheat Flour from Watermill

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Stone-ground (Gharat / watermill) flours are nutritionally better as compared to milled one because they contain both the germ and bran- the parts that hold real flavor.

Unlike steel rolling where rollers heat up the flour & kills most of the vitamins; stone milled flour is more nutritious because in the grinding process the flour stays cool. The high temperatures of rolling also cause the oils in the grain to turn rancid so flour created using a roller will spoil faster than stone milled flour.

It is a proven fact that traditional milling is the only way to ensure flour has real flavour, integrity, and nutritional value. This is due to the fact that the whole grain is ground in a single pass between two horizontal, round millstones, thus retaining and integrating the wheat germ oil.

To put it simply with stone-ground flour nothing is added or taken away, whole grain in and whole grain flour comes out. 

We stone ground our organic wheat only after receiving the order- so what you get is freshly ground organic flour.

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