Organic Marjoram - 50 GMS

Rs. 175.00

Organic Marjoram - 50 GMS

Rs. 175.00
Product description

The marjoram plant (Origanum marjorana) is an aromatic herb known for its aroma therapeutic and culinary uses. Its botanical name means "joy of the mountain" in Greek, and was actually first used to make wreaths for use as wedding flowers.

Marjoram can be used in cooking or in aromatherapy, in its essential oil form

The Various Uses of Marjoram

The beauty of marjoram is that it can be added to various dishes that use different cooking methods, such as:

Soups: It gives vegetable soups more flavor.

Roasted meats: Marjoram can add an herbal aroma to roasted meats, such as chicken.

Sautéed vegetables: Side dishes such as sautéed vegetables become more flavorful with a dash of marjoram.

Marinades: Upgrade the taste of your marinated meat and fish dishes by adding marjoram to the marinade.