Himalayan Rhododendron Tea 1(00 gms)

Rs. 395.00

Himalayan Rhododendron Tea 1(00 gms)

Rs. 395.00
Product description

Himalayan Rhododendron tea is a blend of Organic black orthodox tea (golden tip) and Rhododendron Petals. Completely free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, the aroma and captivating fragrance of this tea blend is a perfect way to start your day.

The Rhododendron petals enhance the taste, giving the formulation its juicy flavor, adding to the multiple benefits of H2H Rhododendron tea.


The organic black tea is sourced from the tea garden that also happens to be the first ever planted in India in 1835. 

Himalaya is abode to various plants with medicinal use. Rhododendron arboreum tree from the valley of Himalayas known for its bright scarlet red bell shaped flowers filled with sweet nectar, is one such tree with medicinal uses.

How To Prepare a Perfect cup of Tea:-

* Put 2 Grams of Tea leaves in a cup. 
* Pour 200 ml of freshly boiled water over the leaves. 
* Steep for 3-5 Minutes. 
* Add H2H High Altitude Red Honey as sweetener; best served without milk.