Handcrafted Black Tea (100 gms)

Rs. 390.00

Handcrafted Black Tea (100 gms)

Rs. 390.00
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This Assam tea is amongst the richest and most full-bodied in the world. Manufactured specifically from the plant Camellia sinensis var. assamica which is native to the region, this tea is unusual since it grows close to sea level (district is at 30 meters average MSL) unlike the rest of the world’s best teas which are always grown at high altitude.

This part of India experiences high precipitation during the monsoon period; the tropical contributes to Assam's unique malty taste. Procured from an organic farmer, this tea is completely free of any chemicals or harmful substances


Kokrajhar town- headquarter of Bodoland Territorial Council. The district is located on the north bank of the mighty Brahmaputra and stretches to the international border with the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of black tea; including its ability to aid digestive disorders, reduce high cholesterol levels, with polyphenols which are known to neutralize free radicals that can cause cancer.

How to make a perfect cup of our Handcrafted Organic Assam- Black Tea

Brew Proportions: 1 teaspoon or 3g of tea to 250mls water Brew Temperature: 100 C Infusion Time: 2 -3 mins. Cover the tea with a lid during infusion. Add sugar or honey to your taste. Use the same tea leaves for 2-3 infusions.

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