Trial Combo Pack of 6 Pahadi Rajma

Rs. 650.00

Trial Combo Pack of 6 Pahadi Rajma

Rs. 650.00
Product description

Uttarakhand is home to more than two hundred varieties of Rajma, grown extensively across the state as a cash crop by marginal farmers. Free from any chemical or pesticide.

Rich in vitamins and other minerals, H2H's Rajma's all types are grown with pure Himalayan glacier water,  a good source of protein & carbohydrates. Due to its unique and subtle taste, high fibre content and colour, eating Rajma is enjoyed by people of all ages.

Uttarakhand's Rajma has always been on top of any food on table-be it for making food for guests, it is always the first idea of dish proposed.

Here, we are offering you 250 grams of each of these six types of 'Edible Jewels of Pahad' in one pack:

1. Chitra Rajma

2. Black Rajma

3. Chakrata Rajma

4. Joshimath Rajma

5. Capsule Rajma

6. White Rajma