Gift Hamper (Silver Box)

Rs. 2,100.00

Gift Hamper (Silver Box)

Rs. 2,100.00
Product description
Our gift hampers are made up of Season Greetings, Organic Giftings and pure love.
Here's something from mine to yours!
Forest Honey -
Forest honey is an organic immunity booster, rich in vitamins and minerals which is not only anti bacterial but anti fungal and anti viral too.
Weight : 400 gms

Mustard Honey -
Along with being a aatural source of antioxidants, multiflora honey is a great substitute for sugar and also prevents premature aging and improves eyesight.
Weight : 350 gms

White Peony Tea -
Want to enjoy the fresh aroma of tea while taking care of your health ? Here is your lifehack ! White peony tea takes care of your kidney health, helps burn fat and improves oral health !
Weight : 20 gms

Nettle Tea-
Nettle leaves tea is known to be an excellent detoxifier- it can help you flush out the toxins while leave you feeling light and energetic
Weight : 80 gms

Hope you enjoy the hamper !
Lots of love- H2h Family!

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