Faran, Jamboo (Allium Stracheyi) - 50 GMS

Rs. 245.00

Faran, Jamboo (Allium Stracheyi) - 50 GMS

Rs. 245.00
Product description

Jambu is a perennial herb with rosy flowers. Jambu is found at altutudes of 2500-3000 m in Alpine Himalayas of Uttarakhand. 

Its inflorescence's and leaves are commonly used as seasoning agents. In the Indian state of Uttarakhand it is used very commonly as condiment to add flavor to soups and dals.

Common name: Jambu 

Local Name: Jamboo, Faran

Botanical name: Allium stracheyi 

Jamboo /Feren ( Allium Stracheyi)

How to use

1. Take a small amount of Jamboo, crush it by using palms.

2. Put small quantity of cooking oil in the pan and heat it to normal.

3. Add Jamboo to the oil and fry till light brown. 

4. Put the fried Jamboo in the dal.

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