Pure Rhododendron (Buransh) Extract- Liquid (Without Sugar ) - 500ML

SOLD OUT Pure Rhododendron (Buransh) Extract- Liquid (Without Sugar ) - 500ML

Himalaya is abode to various plants with medicinal use. Rhododendron arboreum tree from the valley of Himalayas known for its bright scarlet red bell shaped flowers filled with sweet nectar, is one such tree with medicinal uses. Flowers and leaves of this tree have been long for medicinal purposes. Commonly known as Burans, Squash made from its flowers is very popular beverage in the region.

This juice is liquid extract of Buransh flowers found in Uttarakhand Himalayas. We have not added any sugar or essence to it.

If you would like to add organic sugar, then please add in this ratio 1:1:3 (1 part  Juice : 1 part Sugar : 3 part Water)

Important- please buy our H2H White Organic Sugar to maintain the purity of this juice.

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Health Benefits of Rhododendron (Buransh) Juice

Buransh as anti-inflammatory
Various Ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines have used buransh flowers and leaves for treating body inflammation and treat gout, rheumatism, bronchitis and arthritis. Lab studies with Rhododendron arboreum showed significant anti-inflammatory properties. Animal studies showed ability of buranshflower extract to cure paw edema in rats. Flavonoid, tannin, saponins and other phytochemcials are believed to be responsible for such effect. Two such chemical with strong anti-inflammatory property – Quercetin and Rutin are found in buransh flower. Quercetin is known to relieve inflammation of prostate, kidney and urinary bladder. Rutin is helpful in treating painful ulcers in mouth and gastrointestinal tract and ued for osteoarthritis.

Buransh with pain killing ability
Young leaves of Rhododendron arboreum have been traditionally used in treating headache. Paste made from tree leaves is applied to forehead to relieve head ache. Leaves of buransh tree are astringent and used as poultice in treating wounds and reducing skin inflammation. Buransh flower juice is helpful in relieving stomach ache. Animal studies with extract of buransh flower and leaves have showed potential to reduce stimulus of pain in rats.

Buransh as an antioxidant
Various phytochemcials have been isolated from Buransh leaves and flower which have high antioxidant properties. They exhibit beneficial property in getting rid of harmful free radicals in body. Buransh flower juice is thus a great antioxidant drink for your heart, liver, kidney and skins. Lab studies confirm antioxidant properties of Buransh flower and leaf extract and suggest its utilization in therapeutics.

Buransh to treat diarrhea
Traditionally flowers and leaves of buransh tree have been used as home remedy over diarrhea and dysentery. Dried petals powder and paste of dried leaves powder are found helpful in relieving diarrhea. Lab studies with ethyl acetate extract of buransh flowers showed potential antidiarrheal activity. Similarly animal studies showed effectiveness of buransh flower extract in treating castor oil and magnesium sulfate induced diarrhea in rats. Buransh flower extract showed ability to reduce frequency of stools in rats. Phytochemicals mainly flavonoids, tannins, sterols and reducing sugars were considered responsible for such ability to treat diarrhea.

Antimicrobial property of Rhododendron arboreum
Flowers and leaves of Rhododendron arboreum contain wide range of phtytochemical many of them have independently reported antimicrobial properties. These include various bioactive steroids, saponins and flavonoids. Lab studies with alcoholic extract of buransh flower have confirmed its effectiveness over wide strains of bacteria in various concentrations. Quercetin and p-coumaric acid are two such flavonoids present in buransh flower with established antimicrobial action. P-courmaric acid is believed to exhibit antibacterial action and help modify gut flora.

Buransh flower juice good for heart
You would find locals saying how buransh flower juice is good for heart. It helps in lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. Various phytochemicals in buransh flower juice offer antioxidant property and protect heart from oxidative stress and reduces risk of stroke and other heart disorders. Quercetin and rutin are two flavonoid found in buransh flower juice which have established its benefits for heart. Quercetin supplementation is prescribed in treating hypertension, atherosclerosis and other heart disorders, while rutin helps in preventing blood clots which pose risk of heart attacks. Drinking buransh flower juice is therefore good for heart and circulatory system.

Buransh flower over allergies
Local people consume buransh flower when it blooms and is believed to protect them from illness onset a change of weather including allergies, asthma, hives or hayfever. Quercetin in Buransh flower juice helps preventing allergic response of immune cells in body.

Buransh flower juice to protect liver
Buransh flower have been used in Ayurvedic medicinal forms to reduce cholesterol and as liver tonic. Animal studies with rats showed that alcoholic extract of buransh flower and leaves was helpful in preventing liver damage by carbon tetracholoride intoxication. Studies thus confirm the traditional hepatoprotective potential of buransh flower. Investigations have attributed antioxidant properties of quercetin related flavonoids, saponins and phenolic compounds in flower and leaves. Buransh flower juice can also be enjoyed to relieve hangover.

Buransh and prevention of cancer
Key phtochemicals have been isolated from buransh flower which independently have established their ability in preventing cancer. Quercetin and Rutin present in buransh flower inhibits growth of cancer cells and reduces risk of cancer. Together with other phytochemcials they offer antioxidant properties which prevents damage of body cells leading to mutation and development of cancer.

Skin benefits of Buransh flower
Buransh flower juice is considered prevent aging and bring back skin glow. It is strong antioxidant and offers benefits in preventing damage of skin cells by oxidizing action of sunlight and pollution. It offers anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to skin to treat acne, eczema, rashes and other skin inflammation. Buransh leaves are astringent and poultice; it offers ability to heal wounds. Drinking buransh flower juice is good way to enjoy its benefits to your skin. Applying buransh juice to your skin can help reduce wrinkles, itching and other skin inflammation.

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