Himalayan Organic Sattu

Himalayan Organic Sattu

H2H Himalayan Sattu flour has been prepared by dry roasting following grains-

·         Barley

·         Amaranth

·         Pahari Soyabean

·         Wheat

·         Grams

·         Foxtail millet or Kauni

All the mentioned ingredients are dry roasted in an iron vessel before stone grounding into fine flour- H2H Himalayan Sattu. Dry roasting and stone grinding helps keeps the nutritional values of all the grains in place.

H2H Himalayan Sattu is a good source of energy; high insoluble fiber & low glycemic index makes it easily digestible. Rich with minerals like iron, manganese, and magnesium, H2H Himalayan has low sodium content. It also contributes generously to the growth of muscle mass- thus making it beneficial for growing children.

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Should you require larger quantity, please write to us at care@himalaya2home.com

Sattu sherbet (sweet)

1.       Mix the jaggery powder (to taste) and the sattu together & blend the two together with some water till it forms a smooth paste.
2.       Add chilled water to it and stir well. Strain the drink to prevent the grainy texture of the sattu (it eventually settles at the bottom) from getting into the mouth.
3.       Squeeze a bit of lemon into it and your drink is ready.


Sattu sherbet (salted)

1.       To make it salted, use some black or rock salt instead of jaggery powder.
2.       If using plain salt, a pinch of chaat masala will help enhance the flavour.
3.       Add some lemon juice, chopped mint leaves or coriander, and one chopped chilli (for that extra bite) to the drink to spike it.


Sattu ke laddoo 
Mix some honey, ghee and sattu together and shape them into balls, and your laddoos are ready.


Sattu Paranthas

Stuffing preparation- Add finely chopped onions, green chillies, garlic (if you like it), chopped coriander leaves, chopped ginger, kalonji, lemon juice, salt and mustard oil to sattu and mix it well.

Use the stuffing to make wheat paranthas traditional way. Fry your paranthas in mustard oil or ghee and serve with pickle.


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